The psychology of Trading & Investing [2020]

Majority of traders and investors lack in psychology and discipline because they only focus on new strategy, profit and loss statement etc. Let’s find out the reason why the psychology of Trading & Investing matters 85% of the time and strategy matters just 15% of the time.

Mind matters 85% in making money

More than 90% of the retail traders lose money and there is lots of reason behind this number like emotional aspect, greed, and fear, regret, panic selling, revenge trading etc. In this infotainment era, where millions of fake YouTube videos are spreading with fake content which is working as a manipulation for retail traders affecting their mindset. We as a trader and investor are overloaded with lots of information, strategy, and setup that we generally get confused about what to use and what to avoid.
Trading looks good and easy when you are practicing on paper without real money but not a similar case when you are doing live with real money. Every point of the movement against yours in the market creates a lot of self-doubts and worry about your trading decisions. Sometimes, it drains you emotionally and you quit immediately. Sometimes, you are hoping that the market will reverse in your direction then you started imagining your big profit and all. Sadly, that time never comes into the market.
Guys, you may come up with concrete trading and investing plan but it might go in vain until and unless you work on your mental toughness, activating the right mental energy and behavioral pattern that’s what we develop at After Vision Education, a person from zero level to advanced level of expertise with a step by step process of solid blueprint that we designed with decades of experience along with some of the best NLP (Natural Language Processing) developers and Mind programmers in the world. Trading can’t be mastered without first understanding your mind.
A top-notch trading brain works in the market with the right mindset. They have developed a lot and lots of amount of patience which is a must-have, our ability to bear a loss, and willingness to take a risk whether to take an entry or not, etc
I must tell you these guys are the real proficient & professional traders. These guys can wait for hours and hours to take a trade that’s how they have overcome their fear and greed, emotional intelligence, and regret. Ultimately, we believe money is the root cause of all kind of fears which reflect through our decision-making process.

Retail traders hardly talk about psychology and discipline which contain about 50% and 35% respectively, with a sold back-tested strategy which goes for the rest of 15%.

Look at the number, Guys. What happened?
We keep looking for the best and solid strategy which stands for only and only 15%. But, we never talk about Psychological and Discipline which stands for 85% altogether. If retailers are focusing on developing the right psychological process and discipline in their trading style then how can we expect to get success in trading and investing both?
All in all, what we did get after having decades of experience that you have to have consistency in hand, the right mindset, psychology understanding with the discipline to get success in any kind of situation. That’s what you must have had in order to achieve the excellence you are dreaming of all day and night from the stock market. Understanding and mastering the psychology of your trading system is the real game more than 90% of retailers are missing that’s why they are frustrated with back-to-back losses.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Have you learned anything? Just comment below what did you get and what are you thinking to change in your current trading and investing style to support the excellence that you want?

The bottom line is if you want to talk to our expert or counselors or writer of this post you can contact us anytime and let’s work together with the practical way of financial freedom you’re dreaming since your childhood. We conduct sessions on a one-to-one basis in the live market so that we can focus on real development- be it Psychological, Mental strength, Emotional, Discipline, or even Strategy. We have made technical trading and investing so easy for you that even a 13 yrs old child will get it properly. You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start from where you are and change the ending.

Guys, Hit the contact us button, and let’s change our past for the better tomorrow. Take massive amounts of action to change your trading and investing style which no one is delivering in the world. Shift your focus from YouTube Strategies to develop your real strength with us!

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