The 7 best ways to get winning trades without taking big risk

The 7 best ways to get winning trades without taking big risk

Winning trade is an outcome of written trading plan followed by the market condition. Yes if you want to be successful trader you need to prepare your trading plan first.

Being a trainer I observe that, lots of traders don’t have their proper trading plan, even they don’t know that what they are doing in stock market, there is no any specific & logical reason behind their trades they just want to pick huge money from the stock market through random illogical trades.

Here I am going to disclose golden secrets about winning trades without taking big risk. Every successful trader follows this golden trading system for generating consistent winning trades.

1. Learn about the game of probability –

Stock market is a game of probability, there is no any certainity. You have to accept some losses for getting winning trades. You need to understand this concept first. Do not run for 100% pure profit system, it doesn’t exist.

Don’t waste your time to find 100% profitable trading system; no one can make this kind of perfect trading system. Rather than finding the perfect trading system you need to consider this trading method: “Low Risk High Reward”

As we know that we cannot remove the losses from our trading system but we can restrict these losses into very small bearable amount. So you need to develop a trading plan which always creates trading opportunity with smaller risk.

2. Process Management -

Do you want to trade?

Yes!!! but before starting trade measure your skills to trade on paper, check

how smooth you run the process ? Your process must be contains –

How to enter?

How to exit?

How to handle early reversal?

How to protect existing capital?

How to secure profit?

How to find winning stocks?

How to place target?

How to place sl? Etc…


Before start trading above mention skills are required for winning trade setup.


I highly recommend you to join my one on one mentorship program where you can learn all these skills in real time market. As I know you are busy that why I provide 24×7 flexible timings for live setups.

3. Plan your trades in advance –

Yes !!! every successful trader plan his trade in advance, don’t find the right stock during the market hours. Prepare your trade list before opening the market.


A famous quote about planning is  “ Plan your work for today & everyday, Then work your plan.” Margaret Thatcher

4. Psychology is king -

Trading strategy is not enough to generate consistent profit, trading psychology requires to achieve back to back profits. The few traders who do consistently win the game of trading are those who have developed the appropriate psychological mindset that enables them to be consistent winners.

5. Accurate entry

Perfect entry is key of winning trade. Ask yourself, do you have any proven & specific proven methods for entry? Clever entry always contains ultra small stop loss & high reward. It is always condition dependent. Knowing about the market structure is also important aspect for finding entry.

6. Smart Exit-

Majority of traders pay high attention to finding out appropriate entry level & ignoring the most important aspect of exit, in your every winning trade it plays great role. You should specially focus on –


When & where to exit?

How to handle early or accidental reversal?

How to capture Market direction?

How to use stop loss in smart way.

7. Track record-

Keep your record of every trade up to date, majority of traders don’t maintain their trade record, they frequently switch their trading strategy without calculating result of existing one. Observe your developed trading strategy, calculate the outcome and eliminate unnecessary element from them.

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