Success Story

Client Introduction with our company:-

Meet our member Rajeev Reddy, our 2.5 years old member from Hyderabad,Telangana state with 10 yrs of corporate life. When we talked for the first time he was completely confused because he just couldn’t believe what we were telling and cut the phone. He thought it wouldn’t be possible to make money from the stock market and developing him as he was completely new to the stock market. He worked with tip providers and all of them looted him badly.
We added him to our group and started showing daily Stocks on Radar. Within 7 days, he texted again to connect over a call and asked so many questions like how we selected stocks before opening the market, how our target was hitting back-to-back, how we organized our post in such a way where learning from beginning to advanced analysis becomes an interesting game. This time he wanted to join us but we wanted him to more satisfy that’s why we deny him for the first time and advised to watch for the next 10 days to get more clarity and understanding about our system. He did exactly what we told him to do.
In the next 10 days, we connected with a lot of topics, and the level of seriousness was high. He asked tons and tons of questions this time which he had listed probably. We satisfied him by showing exact live results so he gets impressed and joined our learning community immediately after that and continued this life-changing journey with us.

Challenges and Problems while developing him:-

It was so challenging in developing him because he doesn’t know anything about the stock market and not aware of the “T” of Technical Analysis. Before that, we talked to him to get about his proper mindset and skillset about the stock market which was completely bad. We designed step by step blueprint to develop him. First off, we cleared his myth and extract out all the wrong information from his subconscious mind so that we can feed our technique to improve him drastically over the next 60-90 days of time period depending on him how fast or slow he is learning. That’s what exactly we did. His psychological about making money, mindset, thinking pattern about the market, creating advanced risk-reward ratio was so bad at first but now this same guy is working independently and minting money regularly like a Rocket. It became so interesting story about his development process later on.

Solution and Outcome:-

We, first off, worked on his psychological process that was so bad and turned it into a strong mindset. We made it compulsory to work on a strong risk-reward system of more 1:3, 1:5, or even more than 1:10 only to avoid getting trapped in the mid of buying and selling. Our motto was to change his psychological understanding and we did it by reducing the frequency of trades.
Later on, he was facing issues on the right entry, exit, and setting stop-loss. It’s so easy that he improved within 10 days from a ground level to so higher that we can’t imagine. One more problem he was having about confidence which we tackled by competing with our own group members. Yes, we have over 350+ guys of community where we compare the performance of each and every week to understand who is doing good and who is bad and at what points.
That’s how we have developed his understanding from beginning to expert level. Now, he feels 1000% more confident and very satisfied with his result because he was getting the stock market some sort of gambling process. No one made him understand the fact that we can mint good money by being the independent and self-sufficient trader and investor. Now, he is one of the top stars of our community today just after 2.5 years of deep understanding.

Why are we sharing the story of our AfterVision Members?

It’s because we want you to know to see by your own eye how a person can become an independent trader and investor on his own just after 2.5 yrs of experience. Understand the simple fact that the stock market is not gambling. You must have had conviction and a strong belief in yourself that you’ll do it whatever it takes.
Shift your focus on understanding yourself guys. Don’t believe in fake YouTube Gurus and stop watching them if you want to protect your hard-earned capital. Don’t believe that any tip provider will come and make you HERO from ZERO. Just get out of your comfort zone, invest in learning the simple process and method that work in the stock market.
You needn’t a Stanford degree to learn technical analysis. As it’s just a skill and everyone who wants badly to learn will learn it at any cost. Connect with us immediately to get a discounted slot. Talk to us because our 60 profiles are already taken and 5 left for this month. We are already booked for November and December. Join our community to do the best in trading and investing journey.

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