Stock market is not Rocket Science

Many traders and investors still believe that the Stock market is so complicated, and rocket science. Guys, we are going to explain practically the stock market in an easy word. So, let’s get started-
We retail traders never try to understand the simple fact that the stock market works on a simple setup. It is as complicated and tough as you make it. Heavy and complicated setup and concepts don’t give us satisfactory results. In fact, not any system in the world can give us results as per our imaginative dream.
We, at AfterVision, are going to simplify this confusing system in an easy way that you’ll be amazed to understand how can there be so simple yet result-oriented setup exists. Guys, the share market doesn’t require special talent or skills but it requires your deep understanding of this game.
Let’s get dive deeper and try to understand from our perspective how market works.
There are two groups of participants working in the stock market. One is Retailers who seem to be confused all the time and the other is Institutions who make simple things complicated by their dramatic way of manipulation. Institutions are the solution of our exact problem if we want to make consistent profit from any kind of bullish, bearish, or sideways market.
These are the biggest solution to our problem. It’s our belief that we can’t track institutions what they are doing in the market. We only know how much a DII’s and FII’s sell or buy today from the NSE website on the name of Institutions activity which is nothing if you want to track down Institutions to get the best possible outcome.
So, what is the solution?
We have mixed our Pure Price Action with Institutional activity by using our own Sprint Stock Selection method to find expected stocks one day before opening the market. It takes only 5 min doing this to find out stocks to buy/sell.
Look at the simple yet 100% reliable system. Isn’t it?
There are the basic rules and system of trading and investing, and by the looks of it, they don’t appear difficult at all.
Have you seen such a 5 min magical stock selection process based on a simple institutional data with the combination of Psychological and Sentimental analysis to generate the biggest outcome for the next Trading day? Don’t get distracted by the word of spring stock selection, Institutions, psychological and sentimental analysis because these are the basic terms used in our system while trading and investing both.
We, as an Indian, believe that if that’s not so tough concept while reading or listening it probably it won’t work. If it is so hard that we couldn’t get even after 20 times reading then we believe that now it will work and this is what I was looking for. We Indians treat the Stock market as an unsolvable puzzle.
C’mon, wake up Guys. It’s nothing but a trapped mind system you get stuck into. Get out of your comfortable mind zone. Stop thinking and talk to us Analysts, talk to our mentors, talk to our counselor, and see how we’ll change your way of thinking and doing analysis in the market. Be action takers, take risks because you have to have a bigger mindset, and skill set in order to achieve the excellence you want in the stock market.
To sum it up, it requires dedicated practice, real and practical knowledge (not from books and YouTube) by implementing what you learn, and that’s how we all have grown up. Your discipline, patience, knowledge, and ability to understand the market will make your route faster than ever before and you’ll achieve your result within a year what others achieved after years of consistent effort and practices. Don’t try to wind up all your hard-earned investment by being the best speculator and gambler of all time. Work on your system; develop your own system if you haven’t any.
All in all, Institutional techniques add more muscle in your trading and investing with which you can achieve whatever you want like financial freedom, luxurious life, and most important you’ll overcome to your mind which means you’ll be controlling your mind not it’ll control you. Come to AfterVision and see itself how we will change the way you are looking at the chart and exactly the same happened whatever you’ll say after identifying that kind of power and understanding we are talking about to develop.
Thanks for reading!
Team After Vision Education

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